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Winter Term 2020

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Apply for Winter Term 2020

January 6 - February 7, 2020

Please complete this application, then tap "Submit & Pay," which will take you to the payment page.

The application fee is $25. (This fee is waived for alumni.)

In each class period, please indicate the course of your choice, or select "No class this period."

A typical course load is 6-8 credit hours, or 2-3 courses in any one week. You may only take a course for credit if you plan to stay for all the weeks the course runs. Most courses may be audited, but requirements for audit students vary from class to class.

Courses and instructors are subject to change.

More information on classes is available on the downloadable brochure at

If you have any questions about applying for Winter Term, please call (814) 789-4518, ext. 220.

Please note: Reading the Bible class is full to capacity.

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